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dude was a spook. smh.

nah dude like everybody talks about how kaneki did nothin wrong and its so tragic but like…that doesnt mean kaneki did only good while like all hide wanted to do was hang out with his friend and went out of his way to try and track him down and stuff fuck man

why does nobody ever talk about hide in tokyo ghoul like lets be real

imagine being on a date with a really cute girl

imagine bein on a date with some really cute girl but then she sees ur sonic t shirt and says mario is better


Watching a shounen Gundam series is the easiest way to get into the franchise imo so everyone should start with Build Fighters or G Gundam


imagine being on a date w this really cute girl but then you tell her a joke and she did that feel good inc laugh

memers… just killed a man… put a gun up to his head… had no gf now hes dead…

he was too young you see what you anti memers have done. you KILLED him. feels guy’s blood is on your hands



Nice. Got your attention.

If I only like your posts that means I hit post limit and therefore cannot reblog them. 

This has been a PSA

Also fuck post limit




*rubs hands together* so how much caffeine am I going to dump into my garbage body today

top-unda-dawg asked
please tell me we're not done with no gf guy!